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Influencer/talent marketplace

Unlike the conventional digital marketing campaigns, TFS Agency aims to provide companies with more cost effective marketing strategies to achieve their marketing goals and reach.

Companies often faced similar constraints such as 'tight budget' and ‘high pressure MROI with short turnaround time'

‘The Featured Store' has collaborated with over 200 Startups & SMEs since 2019 to provide them with alternative sales and marketing solutions.

'TFS Agency' seeks to fill this market gap by offering clients with contemporary marketing strategies at affordable rates which maximises your MROI.

Client has the flexibility to select the influencer/talent they want to work with, at transparent rates indicated without any high marked-up service fees involved.

Client can also select to work within minimal budget by selecting "ala carte" with maximum return. No lump sum upfront needed! And to make it sweeter, client would also receive cashback from each order.